Local Supplier & Distributor of Wago Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks & Products


The nearly 100 years of experience we have at L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc. in distributing electrical equipment to our Western New York customers is mirrored in the fine rail mounted terminal block products we offer from the Wago company. For example, the TOPJOB® S rail-mounted terminal block has a compact size that helps minimize costs through the reduction of panel space used. In addition, these blocks have an additional jumper slot for higher flexibility in control cabinets. Another quality product we carry is the Front-Entry Rail-Mounted Terminal Block. These are available in many different types, including through, ground (earth) conductor, shield (screen) terminal blocks, and angled and horizontal types. Also available is the Side Entry Rail-Mounted Terminal Block. This highly reliable block with CAGE CLAMP® connection technology has been providing safe connections for more than 20 years.

Our top 5 product lines we supply and distribute are:

  • TOPJOB series terminal blocks
  • Front-entry din-rail mounted terminal blocks
  • Side-entry din-rail mounted terminal blocks
  • Lighting & push-in wire connectors
  • Relays & Octocouplers

To learn more about the rail mounted terminal blocks from Wago that we distribute, please contact L.A. Woolley directly.

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