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Since 1916, L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc. has been a leader in electrical part distribution for clients in the Buffalo, Rochester, Batavia & Niagara Falls, New York area. This is exemplified by the range of quality terminals, terminal blocks, and wiring accessories we offer from manufacturers like Thomas & Betts and Wago. For example, from Thomas & Betts, the Sta-Kon Ring Terminal is a yellow insulated vinyl ring terminal for wire range 12-10 with a #10 stud size. It is self-insulated with a PVC insulation sleeve of extra length to give protection and relieve bending stress at the wire’s flex point. Also available from Wago are Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks. These blocks feature quick assembly keys that prevent reverse mounting, staggered jumpers for sophisticated circuit requirements, and protective warning markers for safety. We also carry accessories from Thomas and Betts like the Blackburn Type H High Strength Split Bolt Connectors. We also carry accessories from Thomas & Betts, like the Blackburn Type H High Strength Split Bolt Connectors. These connectors have a hex-design bolt and nut of high-strength corrosion-resistant bronze alloy, and is tested and listed to UL486C and UL467 for grounding.

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Terminals, Terminal Blocks & Wiring Accessories – Product Information

T&B Catamount
T&B Catamount

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Ty-Rap Cable Fastening Systems
Ty-Rap Cable Fastening Systems

(PDF - 4.38MB)
Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks
Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks

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Product Features & Benefits

  • CTL, CTL-L, CSP, PA, ATL, and ASP types of compression connectors
  • Available in Solid, Wide Slot, Narrow Slot, and Round Hole versions to meet your capacity and flexibility needs, available in gray, white, black and blue
  • Oval, Low Profile Head gives a professional, quality look to wire bundling projects
  • Through Terminal Blocks, ground conductor and Ex Terminal Blocks
  • One and two hole connectors
  • Widths from .75" to 6" and depths from 1" to 5"
  • Designed to prevent snags on uneven surfaces and easier to pull through bulkheads
  • Multilevel Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks 4-Conductor, Double-Deck Terminal Blocks
  • Long and short barrel options
  • Optional adhesive back for quick, hassle-free installation
  • No-Slip Tail provides easy grip during tensioning. Ty-Rap cable ties feature a unique friction surface designed to reduce slippage during installation
  • Triple-Deck Terminal Blocks 2.5 (4) mm (AWG 12) 2002 Series 78
  • For use with copper conductor
  • Complete selection of accessories and tools for installation
  • Versatile Nylon 6.6 Material provides high strength, a wide temperature range and prevents toxic or irritating emissions
  • Quadruple-Deck Terminal Blocks 2.5 (4) mm
  • Color-coded for matching die identification
  • Lead-free construction
  • Smooth, Notchless Body reduces stress concentration points under tension, making the tie stronger and lower profile than notched body ties
  • Disconnect, Measurement and Fuse Terminal Blocks, and Through Terminal Blocks of Same Profile
  • Can be used for high-voltage application up to 35 kV
  • Lightweight Halogen-free unit available for wide slot wiring duct
  • “The Grip of Steel®” Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Locking Device insures both maximum strength and the right tightness
  • Disconnect, Ground Conductor Disconnect Terminal Blocks and Fuse Terminal Blocks

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