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Since 1916, L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc. has supplied and distributed high quality electrical equipment to our customers in the Buffalo, Rochester, Batavia and Niagara Falls New York area. The non-metallic enclosures offered by Stahlin are good examples of this advanced equipment. The Diamond Shield series, for instance, is constructed from high-impact resistant hot compression molded fiberglass. It stands up to a broad range of chemical exposures, and is available with three cover options: an opaque cover, a clear polycarbonate cover, or a flush bonded window. For general electronic applications, the Classic Series is a fine option. Enhancing the appearance of any instrument installation, these products are ideally suited for high visibility locations, and feature a hidden hinge design and UV resistance. Also available from Stahlin is the Pushbutton Series. This product includes two separate enclosure designs: an inline style and a multi-hole style configureuration. It has a memory-retaining continuous polyurethane gasket that is submersible, non-corrosive, and has an environmental design.

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