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At L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc. we are proud of our nearly 100 year history of providing quality electrical equipment to our customers in the Buffalo, Rochester, Batavia, & Niagara Falls, New York region. This is exemplified by the vast variety of plugs, receptacles, connectors and switches we carry from various quality manufacturers. For instance, Cooper Crouse-Hind’s Arktite® Plugs have a pin and sleeve design that was invented over 75 years ago, and still maintains exceptional quality in supplying power to welders, motor-generators, compressors, conveyors, and other similar equipment. Another fine product we carry is Legrand’s Pass & Semour Straight Blade PlugTail™ Extra Heavy-Duty Specification Grade Receptacle. The many benefits of this product include an exclusive patented circuit label on the face, which allows permanent circuit identification, and strap tabs that wrap around and lock down on the face to prevent separation of the strap from the face & back body. We are also proud to carry the UL 508 Non-Fused Load Break Switch from Mersen. A newly designed industrial grade switch, it has many distinguishing features, including a compact size, robust performance, a variety of mounting options, including DIN-rail, base, or door mounting, and a wide assortment of handles, shafts, and accessories available.

To learn more about the plugs, receptacles, connectors, and switches available from L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc., please contact us directly.

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Plugs, Receptacles, Connectors & Switches – Product Information

Arktite® Plugs, Receptacles & Connectors
Arktite® Plugs, Receptacles & Connectors

(PDF - 3.02MB)

(PDF - 1.78MB)
Straight Blade Plugs and Connectors
Straight Blade Plugs and Connectors

(PDF - 1.86MB)
Industrial Spec Grade Turnlok Locking Devices
Industrial Spec Grade Turnlok Locking Devices

(PDF - 4.50MB)

Product Features & Benefits

  • Easy access terminals make wiring simple
  • SafeLock™ Protection: If critical components are damaged and ground fault protection is lost, power to receptacle is disconnected
  • Quick-thread assembly screws and cord-grip screws come backed-out, ready-to-wire
  • Raised ribs provide non-slip gripping profile for turning to lock and unlock
  • The plug sleeve is keyed to the receptacle to prevent mispolarization
  • High-impact-resistant, thermoplastic construction for superior strength and durability
  • See-through, thermoplastic terminal chamber for clear view of terminals and wire connections
  • Double dovetail design provides superior protection against cord pull-out forces
  • The gasketing system provides unsurpassed watertight integrity (NEMA 4)
  • Captive screws make for easier installation
  • Industrial-strength, brass alloy plug blades and connector contacts resist heat rise and provide excellent conductivity
  • Industrial-strength, brass alloy plug blades and connector contacts resist heat rise, provide excellent conductivity
  • The Tri-Lock™ cable grip has three clamps which provide even gripping and superior cord clamping
  • Trip indicator light (LED) makes it easy to identify tripped condition
  • Tapered wire wells guide conductors into captivated, staked clamping nuts
  • Quick-thread assembly screws and cord-grip screws come backed-out, ready-to-wire
  • Split-pin contacts are made of high grade naval brass to ensure long life
  • Two back wire holes per termination add wiring flexibility, eliminate pigtailing, and save box space
  • Housing is keyed for fast alignment with terminal section
  • New-design external cord grips provide visible assurance of safe and proper cord retention
  • Molded of Krydon fiberglass-reinforced nonmetallic material which is highly resistant to corrosion, heat, weathering, and physical abuse
  • Back wire clamp allows for fast installation of ground wires
  • Chemical- and impact resistant nylon housing features horizontal, easy-grip ribs on back body
  • Integral flexible rubber cord grommet conforms to and seals around SO cord to provide protection from oils, water, or chips entering wiring chamber

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