Local Distributor & Supplier of Pass & Seymour GFCI Plugs Receptacles by Legrand

Pass & Seymour

L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc. has nearly a century of electrical equipment supply & distribution experience, plus we have the quality of Pass & Seymour GFCIs, plugs, and receptacles manufactured by Legrand are perfect examples of this. For instance, their Tamper-Resistant GFCI receptacles have a host of benefits and features: they protect children with their patented shutter system which prevents improper insertion of foreign options. These GFCIs exceed UL943 voltage surge requirements and are FSUL listed. Another fine Legrand product is the Extra-Hard Use (EHU) Specification Grade straight blade plug. This unit arrives completely ready-to-wire, which cuts installation time, and it has very rugged construction with nylon housing and a two-piece cord grip. A third item in the vast Legrand/Pass & Semour collection is the Industrial Spec Grade Turnlok® Locking Device/Heavy-Duty Ground Continuity Monitoring (GCM) Plug & Connector. Industrial strength brass alloy plug blades resist heat rise and provide excellent conductivity, and it has a double dovetail design to provide superior protection against cord pull-out forces.

Our top 5 product lines we supply and distribute are:

  • GFCI´s
  • Straight blade plugs & receptacles
  • Turnlok® twist lock plugs, receptacles, & connectors
  • Pin & Sleeve plugs, receptacles, & connectors
  • Weatherproof boxes & covers

To learn about what all of our Western New York customers already know about the many fine Legrand/Pass & Semour electrical products we carry, please contact us directly.

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