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L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc. has been a leader in electrical supply distribution for our Buffalo, Rochester, Batavia & Niagara Falls, New York customers for nearly 100 years. This has exemplified by our wide stock of hazardous location products from Adalet and Crouse-Hinds. For instance, our XCE Series of explosion proof enclosures feature many benefits and design options. Made of copper-free aluminum and zinc-plated steel cover bolts, these enclosures are corrosion resistant and available in 80 standard sizes. We also have custom-built EJB control panels from Crouse-Hinds for global applications, including ATEX, UL, and CSA. These panels feature a neoprene cover gasket between the body and cover, which provides a NEMA 4 IP66 watertight seal. From Adalet we also offer explosion proof Circuit Breaker Enclosures. These products have thermal magnetic circuit breakers in frame sizes ranging from 15 to 800 amperes, with enclosures that offer sufficient space for wire bending and ease of installation and maintenance, and are also available with ATEX certification.

To learn more about the wide variety of hazardous location products that we supply and distribute, please contact L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc. directly.

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Hazardous Location Products - Product Information

Redapt Catalog
Redapt Catalog

(PDF - 3.31MB)
Explosion Proof Enclosures
Explosion Proof Enclosures

(PDF - 14.1MB)
EJB Custom-Built Control Panels
EJB Custom-Built Control Panels

(PDF - 807KB)
FlexStation Control Station Components
FlexStation Control Station Components

(PDF - 1.71MB)

Product Features & Benefits

  •  Metallic Adaptors and Reducers
  • Copper free Aluminum (0.3%)
  • Neoprene cover gasket between body and cover provides NEMA 4, IP66 watertight seal
  • Select a cover, black box and device operators, determine number of required contact blocks, and select device legend plates
  •  Glass Filled Nylon Adaptors and Reducers
  • NEMA ratings of 3, 4, 7 & 9
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Factory-sealed control stations are installed in a rigid metallic conduit system for surface mounting adjacent to or remote from equipment being controlled
  •  Adaptors and Reducers Selection Guide
  • 80 standard sizes available
  • Copper-free aluminum construction available with Corro-free™ epoxy powder coat
  • Used to prevent arcing of an enclosed device from causing ignition of hazardous atmosphere(s) outside the enclosure
  •  Metallic Dome Head Stopping Plugs
  • Type 4 watertight Nitrile gasket
  • Tap-in mounting feet offer a simple and secure way to mount enclosure, and are replaceable
  • Should be used in nonhazardous areas where sturdy, durable enclosures are required
  •  Glass Filled Nylon Dome Head Stopping Plugs
  • High strength steel cover bolts (zinc plated and coated)
  • Internal and external ground terminations simplify grounding requirements
  • Any combination of pushbuttons, pilot lights and selector switches
  •  Type A and Type B Stopping Plugs
  • Lid-lifter cover alignment device
  • Optional GUB explosion proof glass window is available when you need to see inside
  • Legend plate is aluminum, and the contact blocks are thermoplastic with brass contacts

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