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L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc. is proud to be a leading distributor of high quality electrical products serving the Western New York area since 1916. One of the products we stock at our 30,000 sq. ft. facility is Wire & Cable in a variety of types and gauges for all of your electrical wiring needs.  We have everything from multi-conductor rubber jacketed Carolprene® SOOW (600V) and SJOOW (300V) portable cord to shielded and unshielded communication cable in an array of gauges and conductors.  We also stock THHN & MTW wire in all the popular colors and gauges.

This is just a small sample of the types of Wire and Cable we offer. To learn more, please contact us for more details...

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Electrical Wire & Cable – Product Information

Cord & Cordset
Cord & Cordset

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Product Features & Benefits

  • The Carolprene® thermoset rubber used on SOOW (600V) & SJOOW (300V) cable is oil and moisture resistant & highly flexible
  • General Cable® offers a wide range of communication & control cable in an array of different types
  • SOOW & SJOOW will not soften or distort when exposed to extreme temperatures (-40°C - +90°C)
  • Unshielded, Foil Shield & Braid Shield are available in many gauges and conductors
  • Super Vu-Tron® III SOOW/SJOOW cord has a wider temperature range (-50°C - +105°C) and lasts longer in constant flexing applications (more durable)
  • General Cable® also has multi-paired communication cable, hook-up wire and coaxial cable
  • Welding and other specialty cords also available!

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