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At L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc., we are a proud a distributor & supplier of top quality electrical parts in Buffalo, Rochester, Batavia & Niagara Falls, New York for nearly 100 years. We carry high quality fittings, cord grips, conduit bodies and boxes for multiple manufacturers. For instance, from Thomas & Betts we carry the Red Dot® series of high quality fittings, which are copper free, have increased corrosion resistance, and are precision-cast with machined surfaces that increase wire-pulling safety. Another top manufacturer, Crouse-Hinds, is represented by their Condulet® Form 7 Conduit Outlet Bodies, which are available in many shapes and sizes, with the exclusive SNAPTIGHT™ and wedge nut cover attachment that provides a clear, unobstructed cover opening. Lastly, from Legrand's Pass & Seymour brand we carry weatherproof While-In-Use covers. These polycarbonate covers mount vertically or horizontally, and are fully compliant with NEC Section 406.8(B)(1) for wet location covers.

To learn more about the fittings, boxes, covers, and related items supplied and distributed by L.A. Woolley, Inc., please contact us directly.

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Fittings, Cord Grips, Conduit Bodies & Boxes - Product Information

Series 5: Die Cast Aluminum Conduit Outlet Bodies, Covers and Gaskets
Series 5: Die Cast Aluminum Conduit Outlet Bodies, Covers and Gaskets

(PDF - 401KB)
Redapt Catalog
Redapt Catalog

(PDF - 3.31MB)
Cooper Crouse-Hinds Global Cable Gland Solutions
Cooper Crouse-Hinds Global Cable Gland Solutions

(PDF - 9.03MB)
Thomas & Betts Fittings
Thomas & Betts Fittings

(PDF - 8.87MB)

Product Features & Benefits

  • Act as pull outlets for conductors being installed
  • Facilitate wire pulling in 90° bends to allow changes in conductor direction
  • Glands meeting International standards
  • Fittings that connect externally threaded conduit or connector to a threadless opening in a box or enclosure
  • Provide openings for making splices and taps in conductors
  • Can also be used to allow conductor entrance into buildings
  • Glands meeting North American standards
  • Fittings that effectively bond conduit or connector to box or enclosure
  • Act as mounting outlets for lighting fixtures and wiring devices
  • For use as a pull box for pulling large conductors
  • Complete termination solution for global cable applications
  • Fittings that bush knockout openings in metal boxes or enclosures
  • Connect conduit sections
  • Smooth design and finish make handling easy and complement any construction job
  • Ease of cable termination providing labor and time management productivity
  • Non-corrosive, double-weave stainless steel mesh supports the cable, absorbs stress caused by flexure and vibration, as well as controls arc of cable.
  • Provide taps for branch conduit runs
  • The gasketed cover creates a rain-tight chamber and the copper-free aluminum construction provides increased corrosion resistance, making outdoor application simple
  • Explosion-protected connections contributing to safe operation in harsh & hazardous environments
  • For quick installation of bonding jumpers multiple metal conduits (Rigid and IMC)
  • Make 90° bends in conduit runs
  • Large dome cover permits easy, straight through pull
  • Delivery meeting installation and project coordination schedules
  • Fittings that effectively bond terminating fitting or conduit a box or enclosure
Metallic Boxes and Covers
Metallic Boxes and Covers

(PDF - 2.97MB)

Product Features & Benefits

  • Longer ear and a special notch. This provides clearance for the screws that are used to attach wall plates
  • Mounts without the use of screws to the open or closed side of the stud. Works on any depth of non-load bearing metal stud
  • Provide better contact with conduit fitting and locknut to the box, improves grounding path, stronger than 3/4 knockout
  • Less labor required to install 3/4 conduits to box.
  • Quicker surface mounting by eliminating the need to remove the portion of the screw that threads through the back of the box
  • Eliminates extra step of having to back out the screw during cover installation

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