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L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc. supplies and distributes quality electrical products for close to 100 years. We are proud to offer enclosures, cabinets, and weatherproof covers for our clients in Buffalo, Rochester, Batavia & Niagara Falls, New York regions. One fine product is the Hammond NEMA 4 1414 N4 AL Aluminum Series corrosion resistant enclosure. Providing protection where equipment may be exposed to moisture and wetness, it meets the high standards of NEMA type 4, 12, and 13. We also have fine cabinets from the Stahlin company, including the Classic Series for general electronic applications. These cabinets are ideally suited for high visibility locations, with attractive designs, a hidden hinge feature, and UV resistance. As for toughness, an excellent option is Stalin's Diamond shield series. Constructed from high-impact resistant molded fiberglass, it stands up to a broad range of chemical exposures.

To learn more about the varieties of enclosures that L.A. Woolley Electrical, Inc. supplies & distributes, please contact us directly.

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Enclosures, Cabinets & Weather Proof Covers Product Information

Disconnect Enclosures
Disconnect Enclosures

(PDF - 1.90MB)
Electronic Racks & Cabinets
Electronic Racks & Cabinets

(PDF - 5.51MB)
Industrial & Corrosion Resistant Enclosures
Industrial & Corrosion Resistant Enclosures

(PDF - 6.15MB)
Stahlin Catalog
Stahlin Catalog

(PDF - 16.70MB)

Product Features & Benefits

  •  1447S Single Door Disconnect Enclosures - NEMA 12, 13
  • All products require relatively simple assembly
  • Designed for use as instrument enclosures, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic control housings, electrical junction boxes or terminal
  • When you need quality on a budget
  •  EN4DSC Disconnect Enclosures - NEMA 4 
  • Ventilation option available on certain products
  • NEMA 4, 12, and 13 rating products
  • Louvered door for equipment airflow
  •  1447SN4 Single Door Disconnect Enclosures - NEMA 4
  • Mostly gauge steel
  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel series
  • Mostly gauge steel
  •  EN4DSC 304 Stainless Steel Disconnect Enclosures - NEMA 4, 4X
  • Powder coatings
  • Provides protection where equipment may be hosed down or otherwise be very wet, or in specific applications where corrosion is a problem
  • The Rack Basics™ product line is perfect for light duty applications and is economically priced
  •  1447SN4SS 304 Stainless Steel Disconnect Enclosures - NEMA 4, 4X
  • Panel mount doors & chassis
  • Continuous hinge
  • Product designers at Hammond Mfg can work with you to design the perfect cabinet
  •  UL 508 Type 12, 13 - CSA Type 12, 13 - Complies with: NEMA Type 12 and 13, JIC EGP-1-1967 & IEC 60529, IP54
  • Many options for cable management;
  • Lift off and clamped covers
  • Gives you complete flexibility when it comes to product modification

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