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Acme Electric

L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc. has been serving communities like Buffalo, Rochester, Niagara Falls, and Batavia, New York since 1916. We are proud to distribute & supply high quality products from Acme Electric, including their Buck-Boost Transformers. These products provide great capabilities and flexibility in kVA sizes. They have high efficiency, lower costs, 5 to 10 times increases in kVA, many versatile applications, and are smaller and lighter than standard isolation transformers. Another fine Acme product is the AC Line Reactor. These products protect sensitive equipment from harmful line disturbances, while eliminating the nuisance tripping of drives or circuit breakers and providing cooler, quieter operation. Also available is the Encapsulated Three Phase 3 to 75 kVA Dry-Type Transformer. Able to withstand harsh industrial locations and corrosive chemical exposure, this product feature electrostatic shielding, encapsulated construction, and complies with NEC Class 1 Division 2 when installed per NEC 501-2(b).

Our top 5 product lines we supply and distribute are:

  • Dry-Type Distribution Transformer
  • AC Line Reactors
  • Industrial Control Transformer
  • Buck-Boost Transformer
  • DC Power Supplies

To learn more about the quality products from Acme Electric that L.A. Woolley distributes and supplies, please contact us directly.

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